Part of the excitement and the joy of this burgeoning nail "industry" is the pace at which product changes take place.

In just the past two years, we have witnessed the introduction of a number of new processes and/or techniques designed to improve the final look of the nail, its durability, and speed of application ... products that attempt to fulfill a growing demand for nail care products and product evolution.

Many of these products have proved to be viable, efficient tools of the trade. Others are still proving themselves. But it is in this situation, where products are rushed to the marketplace, that the buyer must weigh the excitement of the new against the potential for problems.

Obviously, not every new product or technique is suspect, and it is not my intention to scare you away from the new.

But it is my responsibility to encourage you to try new products with the understanding that you learn as much as possible about the processes, their effect, and their role in your shop.

By doing so, you will find new products and techniques that will benefit your operation, not be a detriment to it.

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