Glass Glaze, a new nail line that claims specific advantages over standard acrylics, has been developed by Backscratchers. Says Mona Townsend, "For years we were using acrylics and everyone complained about the odor and heaviness. We wanted a product that was easier to apply and easier on the client . . . healthwise. So we engaged a chemist to help develop a product that was safer to skin contact. That product became Glass Glaze, which incidentally contains a PH balance of 5.5, exactly that of skin."

"The advantages of Glass Glaze over acrylic nails seems to be many," explained Mona. 'Within the application process, Glass Glaze uses moisture for stability as op­posed to the acrylic nail process that uses a drying agent that take mois­ture out of the nail and making it more susceptible to lifting.

"Another advantage Glass Glaze has is that it's not affected by temperature extremes and can even be worn in spas and Jacuzzis. This product only takes about 30 to 45 minutes as far as maintenance repair time goes, thus saving mani­curists valuable time and money. Plus Glass Glaze uses no formal­dehyde or liquid methyl methacrylate for healthier and more pleasant working conditions and no lingering odors.

"And finally," added Mona, "one of the best things about Glass Glaze nails is that they are so natural looking they can even be worn without nail polish. And though they're wafer thin, they're actually five times stronger than acrylics."

Backscratchers Glass Glaze can be applied to all facets of nail care, repairs, wraps, mends, extension, support systems, for building nails or as floaters over tips.


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