As comedienne Joan Rivers is fond of saying, "Can we talk . . . I mean can we talk here?"

As professional business people, we must live by a certain code, a code of ethics, a way of conducting business. Often it's a give and take, and centers on the ability to build with our suppliers and vendors the same client-customer relationship we rely on for our livelihood and success.

And as professionals, nothing less is expected. When we stray from these principles, our credibility is thrown into doubt.

What strikes me as alarming is the rash of complaints recently voiced by a variety of suppliers and manufacturers regarding the business dealings of nail technicians . . . alarming in that it seems the misdeeds of a few are creating problems for the many. Specifically, the writing of "bad" checks, the return of ordered merchandise without explanation, the return of merchandise never picked up.

These circumstances are not solely the responsibility of the technician . . . obviously each situation is unique. However, regardless of the reasons, these actions hinder suppliers and manufacturers and in the long run have their price in potential delivery delays and eventually the cost of goods.

For those few who conduct business in such a manner, consider your own livelihood, and the impact such actions have on your professional credibility and reputation. You'll find the price quite costly.

And for those suppliers and manufacturers frustrated by those few, consider the actions of the many, and avoid the cynicism that could cause you to overlook an innocent mistake.

In order to grow and succeed, we must all work together to build the long term, credible relationships we can all profit.                            


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