According to designer Stephen Pokras, today’s fashions “appeal to our childhood love of dressing up.” For women, the “new” look is costume jewelry, dramatic makeup and oversized clothes. In keeping with this sophisticated yet decidedly playful style, Pokras has created an imaginative line of fingernail decals that offer young women an exciting, versatile accessory.

Then nail decals called “Claws,” come in a variety of colors and patterns. What distinguishes them from existing decals is size—they’re large enough to cover the entire nail, yet easily trimmed for a variety of sizes and usage. Consumers have the option of wearing full length decals, or as an add-on design over polish.

Claws are displayed on attractive, highly visible blistercards. The decals require a coat of clear nail polish during application—supporting the sale of all nail lengtheners. In addition, Claws are UPC coded for easy sales and inventory control. Retail price: $2.

Pokras is keeping a close watch on the market, ready to develop new decal styles as fashions change. “Claws,” says Pokras, “are providing young women with  a timely and unique finishing touch to any outfit. Depending on the color and shape, they can be a subtle accessory, or an unabashed attention getter.”

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