Calvert International, located in Laguna Beach. California, has just introduced The Nail Dryer by Calvert, a nail dryer designed to dry both hands at the same time.

"When we did our market re­search on nail dryers we found that they were designed to accommo­date only one hand at a time," says Calvert Billings, owner of Calvert International. "We decided that drying both hands at the same time in a small, affordable unit would provide an innovative approach. The response from manicurists has been overwhelming.”

The Nail Dryer by Calvert has been tested and approved by pro­fessional manicurists in salons from coast to coast. "Through the use of low temperature heat, the nail polish is gently baked on using the same principle employed to dry the paint on a Rolls Royce, It not only dries polish, it also increases gloss and reduces chipping by about 40 per­cent," said Calvert.

The Nail Dryer by Calvert is a comfortable and affordable dryer that "every professional manicurist will consider an essential tool." It is distributed by Calvert International and is available at beauty supply dealers nationwide.

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