Creative Moods, Inc., has recently released their new product, Painties Hot Nails Designer Kit. The kit is a direct result of the success of Painties earrings, and has experienced a remarkable early acceptance.

Bryan Zand and Garry Schafer, creators of the kit, designed it with the female consumer in mind, but it has drawn considerable praise from both nail technicians and nail artists.

Scott McTaggart, nail artist/salon manager in Ft. Lauderdale, author of “Designs by Lightning,” believes that the kit has tremendous potential for promoting nail art, and offers salons an excellent retail product.

“As a direct result of retailing Painties Hot Nails Designer Kits, my customers requesting nail art has dramatically increased,” explained Scott.

“Nail art,” explained Bryan Zand, company president, “remains fairly exclusive to certain parts of the nation. Our goal is to increase the public’s desire for nail art throughout the country.”

“Public acceptance is the key to the success of all nail artists,” added Garry Schafer, “and our kit is designed to bring about this acceptance.”

Painties Hot Nails Designer Kit comes complete with three bottles of nail polish, rhinestones, decals, striping tape, a design brush, a pair of Painties earrings, plus an instruction pamphlet. There are presently three kits to choose from: Nu Wave, Elegance and Sparkling Nights. Each kit contains three distinct polish colors, plus a different pair of Painties earrings.

This new kit will be formally introduced at the Long Beach Show in February, the Midwest Beauty Show in Chicago, March 3-6, and the International Beauty Show in New York, March 17-20.

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