A new artificial nail, tip and glue remover that features a unique­ly formulated disinfectant has been released for the nail industry by OPI Products.

Available in one, four and eight ounce sizes, the OPI remover is a non-acetone base product that carries within it an additive called Biostat, a combination of three disinfectants.

"This remover is compatible with all products on the market," ex­plained George Schaeffer, president of the North Hollywood, California-based firm, "Since it has our special Biostat formulation, if there is a problem with the nail, in terms of fungus, the moment the nail is immersed, it immediately starts to treat it."

OPI researched the product for two years before making the com­mitment to marketing, explained George.

"It was its effectiveness that decided it for us," he said. “For example, if the manicurist has problems or just wants to remove the artificial nail without clipping, all she has to do is put some in a dish and soak the nail for seven to 10 minutes, and the nail will come right off."

In addition, the product works equally well with tips and glue.

"If you have a bonding of the fingers, from working with the glue, simply put a drop on and it will release it.

The remover is available only to the professional and carries an $9 price for an eight-ounce bottle.

"We recommend that every mani­curist have such a product on their table. We feel that taking the nail off is equally as important as putting a good nail on," said George.

"And because it is a non-acetone base, it will not dry out the cuticles and is compatible with all products: Tips, sculptured nail, glue, it works on everything."


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