A new durable file, manufactured by the same firm that initially debuted the "Bear," often called the stan­dard of the industry, has been un­veiled by Simply Elegant.

"This new, pink, cushioned, plastic interior file is the first file that I have ever carried that I have not had a single complaint on… and in the manicuring industry that is phe­nomenal," explained Rudy Lenzkes, owner of Simply Elegant, the nail and beauty supply house located in Huntington Beach, California.

The new file, said Rudy, nick­named The Pink Lady, differs from emery paper products in that it is completely waterproof and resistent to most common oils and solvents. "In addition," he explained, "it is more uniform and consistent on the surface, which means less uncon­trolled scratching into the nail. And its strong and tear-resistent backing means that when the file is bent, it doesn't crinkle or lose its filing shape."

This new product, produced by 3M, is available in 100,180 and 360 grit surfaces and can be purchased separately or in packages of 50.

"This new file will easily outlast the "Bear," the standard wet and dry black emery board used in the industry," added Rudy. "The Pink Lady doesn't load up with filing residue, and because of the way it is manufactured, and the type of plas­tic used for backing, this file can be sanitized by all the standard sol­vents."


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