C.R. Mfg. has enjoyed a greater success than anticipated with their new "Save-A-Nail" tab opener, according to company spokesman Fred Guttormson.

The Save-A-Nail is a durable, white plastic device for opening aluminum or steel cans without running the risk of breaking a nail.

"This product is a small, neat, inexpensive advertising gift that is long lasting and will be appreciated by the dream girl and the sophisti­cated lady," said Fred.

An added benefit of the product that is proving very popular, accord­ing to the company, is the option of imprinting the tabs with the salon name or other advertising message.

"Your name, logo, phone number stay right with your client especially if the product is used as a key chain, which it was designed for. It serves as a constant reminder for your clients," added Fred.

The company requests a mini­mum order of 250 for imprinting the product with a message in color, and promises delivery of the order within 15 days. Cost for the 250 pieces: $84.50.

"An advertising gift should serve a dual purpose: benefit the client and the donor. Save-A-Nail does both. Unlike some gifts, Save-A-Nail is not set aside and eventually thrown away. This product is used."

The Save-A-Nail tab opener is used to open steel and aluminum cans without running the risk of a broken nail.


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