Self-Sharpening Scissors

by NAILS Staff | August 2, 2018 | GERmanikure | Retail

GERmanikure's new line of FINOX titanium-plated grooming scissors sharpen themselves every time they are used. The ergonomic scissors feature a two-tone coating of rich black titanium aluminum nitride, which is bonded fully to one half of the scissor to protect the sharpened edge. This coating sharpens the opposite edge each time it is opened and closed. GERmanikure strives to ensure the longevity of its products, and this new line takes that goal a step further, expanding the already long lifetime of their scissors. 

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Professional Manicure Tool Kit


Professional Manicure Tool Kit


LeChat's Professional Manicure Tool Kit creates a convenient package in an easy carrying case and is perfect for students starting out. The kit includes a cuticle pusher, C-curve pincher, acrylic nipper, color gel spatula, cuticle nipper, and nail form scissors.

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