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Toddy Cloths

by NAILS Staff | September 9, 2011 | Toddy Gear | Salon SanitationSalon DesignFashionHot Off the Presses

As an esthetically pleasing alternative to the boring paper towel, use new Toddy Cloths from Toddy Gear to do a quick clean-up of nail tables or salon reception desks in between clients. The cloths come in more than 40 vibrant prints and feature dual-sided cleaning: plush microfiber material on one side to clean and a distinctively patterned silk microfiber on the other side to buff and polish. The cloths also feature an antimicrobial coating, protecting them against microorganisms that contribute to bacteria, mold, and mildew. (Be sure to still follow your state board’s guidelines for the disinfecting of your table.)

If clients eye your Toddy Cloth, stock them in your retail area for sale: They are gentle enough to use on iPhones, glasses, TVs, and more. Plus, with the new “Brand Your Toddy” option, you can even imprint the smart cloths with your salon’s logo.

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