Reader to Reader: Should the salon be closed on holidays?

February 07, 2012

Should the salon be closed on holidays (days when most clients have the day off work) and why?


I think salons should be closed on the big holidays (Christmas Eve, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.). I absolutely love what I do — no questions asked — but these are the times when I want to be with my family and money doesn’t matter.
Tiffany Johnson
Angie’s Salon & Day Spa, St. Joseph, Mo.

I offer appointments but say they must be booked with a deposit at least a week before. I don’t see the point in sitting and waiting, knowing that if the sun’s shinning clients will be out enjoying it and may forget about their appointment (hence the deposit). I do send a courtesy text so they don’t lose their appointment.
Chauntelle Cracknell
Beautiful Nails, Wareham, Dorset, England

I stay open. Those days are some of my busiest, and it would be a disservice to turn away that business. There are plenty of days during the year when a day off has much lower impact on the business.
Penny Lawler
Monaco Nail Artists, Auckland, New Zealand

I believe in being available to my clients as much as possible but also putting family first. My compromise is working all holidays with the exception of Christmas Eve, Christmas day, Thanksgiving day, and Easter Sunday. I don’t take every holiday off as an excuse to get an extra day off. However, family comes first and I have to draw the line somewhere.
Jade Sewell
Just Nails, Great Falls, Mont.

Salons should be closed on all major holidays. Salons could extend hours of operations up to three days before each holiday to accommodate clients.  Holidays should be enjoyed by all regardless of your profession.
Bernie Clark
Washington D.C.

We’re open on holidays since everyone else has the day off. It’s just common sense. We’re open on Sundays too, for the same reason.
Michelle Phoenix
Wet Paint Nail Spa, Cambridge, Mass.

Closed. People who have a full schedule don’t get much time off, and it’s a little much to work through holidays and have no personal time to ourselves or our families.
Lauren Scales
Graffiti Nail Bar, Memphis, Tenn.

Closed. I find that a lot of people book in, then end up cancelling.
Kara Milner
Polish!, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

I used to be open the day before and after. But this year I prebooked all my clients around my schedule, and whatever dates didn’t work, I worked with theirs. I love my clients, but I need my family time and holidays too. I usually tell clients months before I plan time off so they are aware.
Amura Enciso
Divalicious Nails, Albuquerque, N.M.

Of course we should be available for our clients during some holidays. As an employee who once worked in the corporate world, I know firsthand how hard it can be to get in to have that perfect set of nails done by your favorite tech if the salon closes early. Yes we all want our holidays to be spent with our families but if we choose to be in the area of customer service then we should be willing to make the sacrifice to adjust our schedule so that our clients can come first.
Maria Trimmell
Star Treatment Nails, Wichita, Kan.

Illustration by Ajay Peckham

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