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July 01, 2000

Readers respond: Do you allow children in your salon?


Absolutely not. This is one subject I feel strongly about. A salon is not a place for children. We have a sign posted next to the reception desk that says: “Attention clients! We cannot babysit while you tan or get your nails done. Please make other arrangements.” It works out great for us.

Michelle McKinn-Iriart

Tanicure Salon (Bakersfield, Calif.)

Only if they are having a service done. Younger children especially cannot sit without touching everything in sight and there are dangerous chemicals, sharp implements, and hot paraffin around the salon. Besides, this is a time for the client to get away from the husband and kids.

Jo Laki

Jo’s Naughty Nails (Hamlin, Pa.)

We don’t invite parents to bring their children into the shop. We have a logo on the wall and in the restrooms, saying: “We love children, we have some of our own, but if you have an appointment, please leave them at home.” Customers respect our little logo.

Tracey Stadamire

Un-4-Gettable Nails (Portland, Ore.)

While we don’t recommend that a client bring an infant or toddler to the salon because of the distractions, we do allow older children who can encertain themselves. We recommend that they bring their favorite video and have them sit in our technician’s office where we have a TV and VCR. We also offer to polish a young girl’s nails for free if she has been well behaved.

Annette Sather

Just Nails (Madison, Wis.)

We created a child’s area with toys, but found that the children didn’t stay in there. They seem to prefer the lobby, so we got rid of the area and still invite our clients to bring in their kids. The children are well behaved. They even bring us presents.

Cheryl Haita

Breezes Day Spa & Tanning (West Allis, Wis.)

I allow children in my salon as long as the mother can control them. If they come in and they are too young to sit by themselves, I tell her it’s best to reschedule due to all the chemicals that are in the child’s reach. Children get bored fast and want to roam. I believe a salon is not an appropriate place for a child.

Sheila Snyder

Sunshine Nails & Tanning (Radcliff, Ky.)


How can I cut costs and finally make a profit?

I’ve been doing nails for almost two years and have built a decent clientele. The only problem is, I did the math and over 50% of my income is going back into nail products. I’m using top-of-the-line brands and disposable files. How can I cut costs and finally make a profit? I know our prices are too low as well, but we are trying to stay competitive. Any advice?


As a mobile tech, how do I ensure I get paid?

I have a question about working as a mobile tech. When clients book group events or nail parties, how do you go about getting deposits and payments? Have you ever traveled to a client’s house and they were unable to pay? What did you do?


What should I do differently with male clients?

I’m starting to get more and more male clients. I am wondering how long a manicure for a man should last and how to price it? Also do you have any recommendations on what else I can do to give them an extra masculine sense of comfort?


Should I Use Punch Cards?

I recently started working at a high-end salon and I’m looking for marketing ideas. Should I do punch cards? I can’t do “refer-a-friend” because I don’t have consistent clients yet. We are already doing social media.


Should I start requiring a nonrefundable deposit for special-time appointments?

I want to start requiring a nonrefundable deposit for special-time appointments. My posted hours are 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. by appointment only. I am ridiculously flexible with my schedule, and let people book earlier and later if they can’t get in during normal hours. Recently, I had a 7:30 a.m. no-show! She was supposed to get services totaling over $100, and I forfeited holiday plans to accommodate her. She comes every two weeks, so I can’t lose her, but this is the second time she’s no-showed. What should I do? And how would I go about informing current clients of the new policy on off-hour deposits?

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