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Connecticut hasn’t had licensing for nail technicians since 1980, and was the only state in the union to not have such requirements. Then in May this year, Connecticut legislators passed H.B. No. 6742, setting in place standards for the inspection of salons and a scope of practice for nail and eyelash technicians as well as estheticians.

After October 1 2020, required hours for a nail technician license will be 100 hours. Those who have been licensed in other states with good standing and valid proof will be issued temporary permits. Those currently employed as nail technicians in Connecticut can be grandfathered in, so long as they meet the requirements of the bill. Licenses will need to be renewed every two years.

The Department of Public Health will establish a standardized inspection system and guidelines concerning standards for salons by October 2020. Those guidelines will then be published on the department’s website. The director of health or an authorized representative will inspect salons within their jurisdiction on an annual basis.

A workshop about the new Connecticut laws will be held in Conn. On Nov. 3 by Temeka Jackson.

You can view the text of the bill here.

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