Tammy  Taylor Nails has been in the Professional Nail and Beauty Industry since 1983.

Nail  Technicians and Cosmetologists are well acquainted with the Tammy Taylor Brand,  as it is used in 10,000's of Professional Salons Worldwide.
      "Since  today may be your first introduction to my company, please let me tell you a  little bit more about myself and how I started in the Nail and Beauty  Business."

  • I  opened my first salon in 1981, when I was 18 years old, with only a $400.00  budget.
  • My  salon was only 385 square feet, but... within 2 years I expanded my Salon size  and Services into a "Full" Service Salon.

Also  in 1983, due to the need for Professional Nail Products and Education in the  Nail Industry, I developed my own Professional Nail Product Line; and started  doing Seminars and Workshops, teaching Nail Technicians, Salon Owners, Beauty  School Instructors and Students how to do Nails and Build their own Businesses.

  • Since 1986 I still hold the World’s Record for the fastest set of Pink & White Sculptured Nails, in less than 20 minutes, and in  front of a live audience.
  • In  1990, I took another big step and published "The Complete Guide to  Manicuring and Advanced Nail Technology" book in both English and Spanish.  My "Guide" is the book used in the Nail Industry by Professionals to  learn how to do all the different Nail Services offered in Salons, and also  used in Beauty Schools to teach future Nail Technicians how to pass their State  Board Examinations.
  • Since  the late 1980's, and all through the 1990’s and 2000’s, I have invented  numerous Nail Products tools and procedures (like unpainted brush handles,  flattened brush ferrule, 12 Step System, Practice Sheet, Competitive Edge  "Forms" and "Disposable" File Strips), which I shared with  the whole Nail Industry; shaping the way the Nail Industry does Nails.
  • In  year 2000 - Web Nail Videos
  • In year 2004 - the creation of Prizma Powderz Color Acrylic, which  can be used to create the Entire Nail and Nail Art Designs.
  • In year 2006 - 1st Nail Blogger in our Industry
  • In year 2009 - the perfecting of "Soak-Off Nail Gel"
  • In year 2010 - Developing New Products which will launch in 2011

I have  always liked the hands-on approach, so you will find me working at my business  every day. My most favorite things to do are Nails, creating Educational  materials, writing Business Blogs, Teaching, Testing and Developing "New"  Techniques and Products.
    I am a  mother of two boys, as well as a wife, and businesswoman.
    I hope  you enjoy my website, and I look forward to having you as a Client.     I promise  you will always receive the best customer service and finest quality products,  combined with unparalleled education with Tammy Taylor Nails