1. We’re family-owned and operated and probably always will be. There’s no hiding out. We’re the guys to talk to.

2. We started in a teeny tiny location in Anaheim, Calif., 16 years ago and are now in 45 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Our passports are full.

3. World-class customer service has been the goal of Young Nails from the very beginning. That’s nearly 6,000 days of waking up and thinking about you first.

4. Our education isn’t just about products. Just as importantly, we want to teach techs how to approach clients, make more money, and have longer, more successful careers. So far, there are 27 education videos online at www.youngnails.com, and more are on the way.

5. Customer service is our religion; the most important thing in our company is how we’re serving our nail techs. It’s developing the right products, listening to you, keeping it fresh, whatever it takes. Call us on it.  

 (Excerpted from "5 Things You May or May Not Know about Young Nails", NAILS Magazine, 2009-2010 Big Book)