Blueprint of a First Year

Sweet Success (Mostly)

by NAILS Magazine | October 28, 2008

Our first few weeks have been amazing. On Friday, we got a huge plug in Daily Candy, and we really blew up after that. We were booked solid Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Best of all, most of the callers were Studio City-area residents, so it’s helping us establish a return clientele.


Fox 11 News came to the salon this week, and Studio City Lifestyle Magazine is planning a feature article, plus we’re doing some advertising with them. We also have an InStyle magazine reader party booked here. Harris Shephard Public Relations is handling our PR.


I’m also excited to say we had our first A-list celebrity client. I don’t want to compromise her privacy by naming her, but I’m thrilled that she liked her salon experience so much that she booked a four-person spa party for late November.


Other than that, we’re still tweaking the building. We’ve added some lighting here and there; we’re planning on adding a gate to the back. One big challenge was that one of the car lifts exploded; I came out to find hydraulic fluid spilling out all over my car. We’re still waiting on a replacement part for that. (The car is OK.) We’ve done a pretty good job with scheduling, and we’ve refined our hours a little bit, lengthening and shortening them on different days based on demand.

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