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If I Had a Million Dollars ...

by Maggie Franklin | June 26, 2009

Never mind that I picked up a copy of the latest issue of NAILS while I was at the IBS Vegas show. I didn't have a chance to start reading it until I received my regularly scheduled issue in the mail just the other day. So I've been reading through my shiny new — oh wait, they aren't shiny anymore (I still haven't decided if I like that or not) — issue of NAILS and Hannah's column made me think.


Of course, the "would you keep working if you won the lottery" question isn't a new one. I've thought about it many times and every so often it comes up in conversation among clients or coworkers.


Of course I would keep working! LOL! DUH! But assuming we're talking about winning enough money to do these things (because a million dollars just doesn't go that far anymore), I would scale back the time I spend actually sitting at the desk doing nails. I would have to, because I would be so busy with all the other industry-related projects I'd be involved in.


First, I'd open up my own salon again. (sigh) Yeah, it's true, I would. Then I'd open a school — one that took actual pride in providing not just the training required for licensure, but also the training and education required to be successful beyond licensure. And if that means spending time and money to get laws changed, well, we are pretending I have a LOT of money, right?


I'd also embark on a national marketing campaign to reach consumers and educate the masses about nail products and services. For about ever, I have thought it ridiculously short-sighted that our industry spends so much time marketing to itself; Honey, it's called "preaching to the choir" and it's not advancing our cause! You don't have to tell me that you don't use MMA in your products, or that gel is the product of the future, or that those hideous colors in your new polish collection are the "new thing this season"  — you have to tell THE CONSUMERS. Some companies are already spending money to advertise in major fashion magazines. Hey! I’ve got an idea! While you're busy selling polish, why don't you mention your professional certification program and steer consumers toward educating themselves about professional services?


Oh sorry, did I go off on a tangent? … So I would dump massive amounts of money into a marketing plan to spotlight the industry in a way that no one else seems to want to try.


And then there's the competition circuit. After sitting through the awards ceremony at IBS Vegas, even the BF won't shut up about how he’d re-invent the U.S. competition circuit if he won the lottery. Now, granted, I don't personally think the current system is all that out of whack. It seems to run pretty well and have relatively few hiccups, despite dealing with an industry that is rife with drama queens and divas (including myself. Let's face it, we are artists and artists are passionate people. Yeah passionate — that's it!) Nevertheless, I have long envisioned a competition circuit for the U.S. that would be just a little different.


Oh. If I had the money I would be so busy! I would also work on that consumer-oriented magazine I was talking about! Good grief! I still can't believe I can't find one of those!

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