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Challenge #4 Turn a Slow Day Into Success — Salon Tours That Sizzle

by NAILS Magazine | September 23, 2009

By Kristi Valenzuela, Crystal Focus


While many salon owners intend to do a “tour” for new clients, most fail to follow through. This is unfortunate because salon tours can pump up the profits for all departments in the salon. The top reason salons do not complete the tours is they don’t have a written “tour plan” for the tour guide.


Here is how to make salon tours sizzle:


1. Prepare the tour guides. All tour guides (front desk professionals and service providers —everyone should do tours!) should have experienced all services on the menu. This will help them add their own authentic comments to the tour script.


2. Write the tour down.


a) The tour script should sound the same from beginning to end no matter who is doing the tour.


b) Role play with your team during your next salon meeting.


c) Train any new team members as they come on board.


3. Look “tour ready” — even when you are not there!


a) Make sure your nail table looks great at all times.


b) Dust, clean, and shine anything that is left on your table.


c) Minimize things left on the table. Most importantly, put away any unsafe chemicals.


d) Place a few rolled towels for a spa-look and add with a retail item and signage.


e) Place a few department menus on your table with your business cards so the tour guide can hand them to the guest as they are visiting your area.


4. Always know the specials.


a) If there is a “themed” manicure or pedicure, make sure everyone can describe it well.


b) If there is a special promotion, this should be discussed.


c) Offer any openings on the book for that day.


Be part of your success! You are the best person to write the script for how you want people to talk about you! Develop scripts and teach the front desk and other employees the million dollar words you use in your position. Take control of training the team. Always remember, “people aren’t wrong if they don’t know how.”


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