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Soaking Up Ideas at Orlando

Jill’s last few posts have talked about the reasons techs give for not offering upgrades. I think one of these reasons that I have experienced is the idea that I needed to be fully booked with

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Conquering Retailphobia

By Kristi Valenzuela, Crystal Focus Does your heart start racing and your palms get sweaty each time you think about closing a product sale with your client? I call this condition “retailphobia.” Unfortunately, it’s widespread in

Engage in Shameless Self-Promotion

By Kristi Valenzuela, Crystal Focus Coaching ( If business is slow, it’s time to crank up your “brave meter.” Pass out your business cards every chance you get! A very small investment in business cards ( is

Q&A: Finding the Time to Work On, Not In, the Business

As a salon owner, how do I balance working on my own clientele (I need the income) and managing/promoting the salon? What’s the smartest way to do this and find time for both? Kristi Valenzuela, Crystal Focus:

Challenge #6: Practice What You Preach — How You Look, How You Act, How You Are Being

By Kristi Valenzuela, Crystal Focus  There is a great book I would like to suggest you read. It’s called YOU, Inc.: The Art of Selling Yourself, by Harry Beckwith and Christine Clifford Beckwith. This would be

Q&A: Create the Perception of Value

I’m starting over again because the spa I worked for shut down. I’m great at what I do and it bothers me to start charging a cheaper fee on services, but it’s a whole new area

Challenge #4 Turn a Slow Day Into Success — Salon Tours That Sizzle

By Kristi Valenzuela, Crystal Focus  While many salon owners intend to do a “tour” for new clients, most fail to follow through. This is unfortunate because salon tours can pump up the profits for all departments

Challenge #3: Your Team Needs to Show Off Your Work

By Kristi Valenzuela, Crystal Focus  Stop for a moment. Think of the receptionist sitting at the front desk right now. How do her nails look? Bitten, chipped, jagged, unpolished? How about the stylists standing behind the

Are You a Superstar or the Best-Kept Secret?

By Kristi Valenzuela, Crystal Focus Challenge #2: Your Business Shouldn’t Be a Secret! A five-mile radius in any town in America is usually home to 40 to 100 salons! This depends on where you live, of

Three Steps to Start Building Your Nail Business

By Kristi Valenzuela, Crystal FocusAre you a starving artist or a successful nail technician? There is a big difference between learning how to do nails and making a very good living at it. I’m Kristi Valenzuela