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Q&A: Finding the Time to Work On, Not In, the Business

by NAILS Magazine | March 3, 2010

As a salon owner, how do I balance working on my own clientele (I need the income) and managing/promoting the salon? What’s the smartest way to do this and find time for both?


Kristi Valenzuela, Crystal Focus: Many salon owners face the same challenge. Here are some tips:


First, on a practical level, it’s about time management. Plan specific days that you work on clients and specific days that you work in the office on your business. On office days, focus on things like payroll, marketing/advertising, coaching your employees, paying bills, planning promotions, etc. You may even consider having an office day at home. This prevents interruptions throughout the day from phone calls, team members, and clients demanding your time just because you are there.


Next, understand your business and true income potential. Many times we trick ourselves into thinking we make more money by working on clients. But the truth is if you understand your business and grow your employees, the potential of increased revenue and profit may really be in growing your retail sales and in service sales performed by your team rather than you. For example, if you have five employees and you can teach them how to do two more services a day, four days a week, that would be equivalent to you doing 40 services. And you didn’t even see a client yourself!


Finally, reach for help. There are great resources for you to continue your quest for successful salon ownership. Check out the Summit Library at and the Jump Journal at — and, of course, hang out with me at

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