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by Maggie Franklin | October 20, 2010

It was probably a couple of months ago that my ex-client-turned-hairstylist-across-the-hall, Breanna, mentioned that a local salon was going to be putting on a fashion and hair show for charity. She found out about it because she's good friends with the daughter of the owner of the salon. The event would be held at one of our local car dealerships and feature a fashion show and hairstyling competition.

Never mind that the whole thing sounded like a bizarre combination of events to put together, let alone at a car dealership, but [shrug] whatever, right? That's cool. At least something cool was going on.

So Bree decided to enter a model in the show, which required selling tickets for her entrance fee. And, of course, it required the BF and I to show up at the local Chevy dealership this last Saturday evening to root and holler.

OK. I'm not too proud to admit it: I went into the whole event more than a little irritated at the complete and total lack of acknowledgement of the nail industry. Seriously. This was a fashion show. It required the models to be ready to sashay down a runway with great hair, great makeup, and great clothes. But what? Really? The fashionistas want you to believe that you can put together all those things and leave your nails looking like you put them through a paper shredder and it will be OK? That you can seriously pretend that your look is complete without your nails done?!

[Deep breaths, Maggie, deep breaths.]

Well, what do you expect from an event being put together by a salon that doesn't have a nail tech?

I don't do hair, but you don't see me pretending that it isn't important. I don't think I'm out of line for expecting a little respect from my hair industry sistas.

Do I sound bitter?

The competitors had to submit photos of their models before and after their looks were completed well before the actual show. The "after" photo had to include the entire look; hair, makeup, and outfit. It would not have been difficult to require nails to be part of the finished look.

At any rate, what I really wanted to share was that HEY! This was a GREAT idea! It was fresh and it was way more fun than I expected it to be, but ... it was really poorly publicized.

There were vendor booths set up around the perimeter of the event, but I think if the event had been better marketed to potential vendors, there would have been more diversity in the vendors and greater participation from local businesses.

I hope to hear that the event was a success and, hopefully, that it will become a regular community event that will grow and mature over the next few years. But it had better start recognizing the local nail community as well.

Or I'm gonna start my own event. I've got friends too, y'know! And believe me, I would LOVE to see a "fashion" show where the models all have KILLER nails, but have to wear Bozo the Clown wigs.


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