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Ahhh, Holidays

by Maggie Franklin | November 23, 2010

Welcome to the week of Thanksgiving. It is for me, as well as for many of us, I'm sure, a three-day work week. When I lock the door at the end of an exhausting but profitable Wednesday, I will not return to the salon until next Monday.

My week is SWAMPED. I have seriously not even had time to return e-mail for the last several days. Not only am I swamped at work, but my home life is also heavily booked, which means I haven't even been in the same room as our computer at home for more than a minute or two. I'm so behind at this point, I'm ahead again!

I started this morning in anticipation of a hectic week, worried that I would be running 10 minutes behind all day with no time to check voicemail, and even less time to return any of it. Fortunately, my day went smoothly, with those perfect little 10-minute intervals between nearly every client.

I got my voicemail checked (but not returned,) I got my e-mail checked (but not returned,) I got my text messages checked (some returned,) and my Facebook status updated.

I expect the influx of new and long-lost clients calling me at the last minute who want their nails done for the holiday. Those are the calls that I'm prepared for and I spend plenty of time this time of year calling these people back and working like heck to get them in until there's no hope left and all they hear is the sound of me laughing.

But why, oh why, when every conceivable moment of my available time is booked, do they start calling and telling me they have to reschedule? I seriously had messages from at least six people who want — or need — to reschedule.

I love it when it all dovetails together seamlessly. When I take all those people who need to move an appointment from this week to next week and that leaves time that allows me to get all those new and return clients in for fancy full sets — but where do I put all those people who need to reschedule?

I seriously have one client who's currently left with no other option than to tell her boss that she has "an appointment" next week so she can sneak out during the day, while one of my most favorite clients is currently sitting at home nursing a broken heart because I am totally unable to find enough time to do her toes next week.

But you watch, come Monday morning, there'll be six more messages from people who need to reschedule!

I guess there are worse problems to have!


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