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Product Spotlight: Neon Nail Art Pens from Cina

by NAILS Magazine | April 5, 2011

Cinapro Nail Creations is coming out with new Neon Nail Art Pens for summer. The neon colors are fun and will make a bold statement. With neon colors being a popular choice for nail polish this season, the nail art pen is an easy transition into delightful neons without the full coverage. Change up the traditional French Manicure with Electric Orange or Shocking Pink; these two colors are especially wearable.


Cina’s Neon Nail Art Pens gives nail artists the tools they need to create a work of art in seconds over any nail color. The fast-drying formula pens are equipped with a thin-tipped nib to allow maximum

control and draw precise lines for thin, colored neon French tips or perfect details to add to your masterpiece.


You can watch a video demonstration of the pens that we shot at ISSE Long Beach this January:


 — Tim


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