Up Your Acrylic Skills: Mix Ratio

Even though mix ratio is fundamental to learning about liquid-and-powder acrylic application, it’s still one of the biggest challenges for nail professionals in the salon. The performance and longevity of our product is hugely affected by an incorrect mix ratio.

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How to Use Kupa's Cordless Rechargeable E-File and Bluetooth Foot Pedal

NTNA season 5 winner Valerie Ducharme shows how to use Kupa's newest electric file, the MANIPro Passport Plus, the first e-file that can be paired with the new Kupa Smart Pedal, a Bluetooth wireless foot pedal.

Top Tips for Dips From Jess Alexander-Snyder

Kupa educator Jess Alexander-Snyder has these tips for working with dip powders.

How To Sculpt A Coffin Nail With Gel

Elizabeth Morris of The Nail Hub shows how to sculpt a coffin nail using gel.

How To Sculpt A Stiletto Nail With Gel

Elizabeth Morris of The Nail Hub shows how to sculpt a stiletto nail using gel.

How to Finish File Nails

Elizabeth Morris of The Nail Hub shows the proper techniques to get a perfectly filed nail every time no matter what product you work with.

How to Avoid the Annoying Back Ledge in Enhancements

Have you noticed clients coming back in with an annoying place at the back of the enhancement where it jumps off a little bit and you can catch your nail on the back of it? Here's a tutorial for how to avoid that.

Nail Tips vs Nail Forms

Paola Ponce discusses the pros and cons of nail tips and nail forms.

7 Nail Hacks for Professional Nail Techs

Paola Ponce shares her favorite nail hacks for professional nail techs.

Two Ways to Fix Short Bitten Nails Using Gel

Paola Ponce shows two ways to fix short bitten or broken nails using gel.