Kupa educator Jess Alexander-Snyder has these tips for working with dip powders.

Jess Alexander-Snyder

Jess Alexander-Snyder

1. Always follow state board guidelines! It seems simple, but a lot of techs make sanitation mistakes while using dip powder. Never reuse powder on multiple clients. It’s like reusing makeup or hair brushes. Always put the powder into some type of a container rather than dipping straight into the jar. Bacteria and small skin particles can get mixed up with the powder.

2. Being a hoarder is OK — when it comes to brushes! If you have a blown out, super fuzzy acrylic brush, use it. Make sure it’s completely dry and super fluffy. After dipping the nail into the powder, very lightly brush excess powder from the nail and surrounding skin. This is a critical step for smooth nails. I like to brush it onto a paper towel and throw that away before applying top coat. Doing a dip manicure means working smarter, not harder, which means cleaning as you go. Keep this brush handy for all your manicures and pedicures. (This brush can also be used as a blending brush while doing an ombre with dip powder — just make sure it’s completely clean).

3. After your powder has set, right before top coat, make sure the edges are clean. Take a thin file, carefully line it up with the edges of the nail and very gently glide it against the edge or cuticle area. Remember, this is where you want to have the lightest touch. Your powder is set but not locked in with top coat, so no need to file at this point. Think of it as carefully sliding those little rogue clumps away from the nail plate. This step is especially important when doing glitter. We’ve all had a random glitter flake show up right as we were about to do top coat. Remember, this is the file you used to shape the nail, so it should be dulled a bit. If it’s not, make sure to do that before.

4. Know your product! Let’s be real: Dip is not new. It’s been around for years and had a great comeback recently. That being said, the product itself has changed so much. Educate yourself. Not only will this help you, but it will reassure your client. There are so many false rumors out there about the product. Will it damage people’s nails? Is it toxic? Should pregnant clients avoid it? The answer to all those questions is no, but we hear stuff like that all the time. By knowing the ins, outs, and gritty details of your product, you are an amazing fountain of knowledge that people will want to come to for reassurance.

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