Brush Up on Your L&P Skills

Holly shares two videos to help you practice your liquid and powder technique.

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How to Make Your Own Practice Finger With Acrylic

Helen Christopoulous shows how to make a practice finger out of acrylic.

10 Things to Know About the VolcanoSpa 3-IN-1 Nail System

VolcanaSpa’s versatile new 3-IN-1 Nail System offers nail professionals a choice of gel, polish, and powder in a range of colors.

How to Correct Ski Jump Nails

Ski jump nails can be corrected with liquid-and-powder acrylic and an accurately sized tip.

How to Sculpt an Almond Nail Using Acrylic

Katie Barnes explains how to use a nail form to sculpt an almond nail shape.

Crowdsourcing: Do you feel the term “acrylic” is out of date?

This month we asked nail techs: Do you refer to acrylics as “acrylics” or “liquid and powder”? Do you feel the term “acrylic” is out of date?

Video Tutorial: Perfecting Your Liquid-and-Powder Smile Line

I hope this tutorial video will help you unravel the mystery of the liquid-and-powder smile line.

Acrylic Application: Learn to Sculpt with Your Brush

Learn how to angle your brush when applying liquid-and-powder product so there is minimal need for filing.

Correct Acrylic Form Placement: How to Get Great C-Curves Without Pinching

Learn how to place your form correctly to create a liquid-and-powder acrylic extension that’s as sleek as possible.

Up Your Acrylic Skills: Mix Ratio

Even though mix ratio is fundamental to learning about liquid-and-powder acrylic application, it’s still one of the biggest challenges for nail professionals in the salon. The performance and longevity of our product is hugely affected by an incorrect mix ratio.