What Is Your Product Passion?

by Holly Schippers | July 12, 2011

What is your product passion? Every nail tech has a product that they love beyond reason — OK maybe two or three products. Think back over all the time you’ve done nails — whether that time is big or small — and what products just jumped out and spoke to you the minute you touched them? I would love to know what lights your fire and why — give us the full 411 so that if anyone is new or curious they would have a reason to try what you love.

My first favorite is CND Marine Masque — I love the texture of the mineral clay and the cooling feeling from the menthol, but the very best is how your feet feel fresh and cool as if they chewed a piece of spearmint gum afterwards. In the summer there’s nothing like putting a thin layer of masque on the bottom of your feet then laying on the couch or bed with a fan blowing over them! Next are CND Colour and Effects. I literally cried tears of joy when I saw them in person. They are like a dream come true for anyone who has played closest chemist mixing up polishes to create their own colors. Now I can make different colors to my heart’s content without even needing empty jars to mix them in — total dream come true! Last but not least for me is CND Shellac. I do not think this one needs much of an explanation; it evens the playing field for natural nails, going beyond bling is no longer limited to enhancements and I LOVE that!!

Alright, cough them up. I want to know what you love and most of all why? It can be anything in the nail industry. All professional products are fair game. Once you have professed your top 1-3 products here, head over and vote for them in the NAILS Readers’ Choice Awards while you’re feeling the love :o)

— Holly

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