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Who Is Your Nail BFF?

Melissa Finch and I met at a class over 15 years ago. Now we share success and failure, loves and dislikes, and all the myriad of things in between.

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Crowdsourcing: What is the Sweetest Thing a Client or Coworker Has Ever Done for You?

This month we asked nail techs: What is the sweetest thing a client or coworker has ever done for you?

Client of the Month: The Nail Tech

You might think that another nail tech would be critical of your work, but performing services on her shouldn’t be intimidating as long as you follow the same procedure you would with any valued client. Review these common nail tech health and nail issues, and follow some helpful tips so your client can relax and be on the receiving end of an enjoyable, soothing nail service for a change.

Guin's Competition Experience

It was so exciting to read Guin's guest blog before IBS. Let's see what she has to say after!— HollyHere's how my day of competitions went. The first competition was "Inspired Artistic Genius." This is a

Sealing Short Nails

After the video that addressed removal issues, a few things came up. I will do some follow-up blogs and videos to address your questions and concerns. The first one I'm going to help you with is

is the book club working for you?

Normal0falsefalsefalseEN-USX-NONEX-NONEI noticed that there aren't many replies to the book club blogs. Are you all reading along and just not up to posting or would you like me to postpone the book club until January when

Risqué Polish names Causin' trouble!

Have you ever taken a look at one of the nail notes or lists you write to yourself and thought about how it would look to someone that did not do nails? Just take one company

Salon Add-on: Easy Hair Styling

One of the classes available for attendees at the BFF event was a crash course on fun, quick, and easy hairstyles that don't require much product or accessory work to achieve. It was taught by Amanda

Questions About Nail Art Stamping?

Hello out there in cyber nail land! I’ve been doing some checking into the whole nail stamping thing because so many of you continuing to ask questions about it. I have come across some fun info:

Using Ketchup to Explain Nail Art -- Seriously!

What is the strangest medium you’ve ever used to explain something nail related? I find myself improvising sometimes in class or in the salon when I am trying to help someone visualize what I am talking

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