Maggie Rants [and Raves]

What Are We? In Second Grade?

by Maggie Franklin | July 20, 2011

Look, I have a huge issue with finding my photos out there with someone else taking credit for the work shown in them. And I'm still struggling to decide how I feel about my photos being used as other peoples' profile/avatar photos. But I don't have an issue with other people copying my designs.


I mean, I'm all about credit where credit is due. If you, or one of your clients, sees my work and falls in love with one of the designs, by all means, recreate it in your own hand. Give it your personal spin. Dress it up. Dress it down. Change the colors ... whatever floats your boat. Whether it’s copied outright or simply serves as inspiration, I don't mind — just have some integrity and don't blatantly copy one of my designs and claim it was all your idea. That's just sort of weasle-y.


And so I don't really *get* the nail techs who delete or refuse "friendships" online with people who aren't already their clients.


I have had quite a few of my clients who have sent friend requests via Facebook to other nail techs in the area because they know clients of those techs and they like their work and want to see more of it.


No. They aren't looking to change nail techs. And yeah, sometimes they might bring me a photo of someone else's work and ask if I can render my own version for them. But I don't understand why that's so threatening?


Why do you have to get all "If you're going to be her friend then you can't be my friend!" ? Is this the same theory behind the abominable lack of photos of actual work on websites? And why would you set all your photos and info to “private” if you actually want potential new clients to find you?


Folks, I am afraid I have to be unapologetic when it comes to having to tell you straight up: Your work is going to get out there. The very nature of the work we create mandates that people will see it. Even if you never put a single photo on the Internet, or on your business card, or in any type of advertising. Indeed, even if you never take a single photograph of your work, as long as you are actually turning out work, someone other than your current client will see it. Because it's there on their hands. Where it will be seen hundreds or even thousands of times before you change it. Your clients will take pictures of it and put them on the Internet. They will picture-message the photos across the country or even across the world to their friends and family. They will proudly show off your work at the grocery store, at the car wash, at the coffee shop. People who are not your clients are going to see your work. People who will never be your clients will see your work. No matter what you do.


Unless you stop working. Which is always a possibility if you're afraid of having new people see your work. 

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