Job Interview Tips

by Holly Schippers | August 5, 2011

Do you recall last week’s request for advice? I wanted to be sure and thank you all for your words of wisdom and encouragement! It seemed like a good idea to share one of the replies that I thought might be a benefit to some of you if you should find yourself applying for a new job:

I interview people at my full-time job. This is what I look for:

  • Dress appropriately, you wouldn't believe the people that show up in flip flops or low cut tops.

  • Maintain eye contact, it shows confidence.

  • Take a resume. It shows you are serious and not just applying for any old job to shut your spouse or parent up.

  • Shoulders back, sit up straight.

  • Don't say "um", "you know", or "like" too much.

  • Research the company.

  • Keep your answers precise and to the point when asked a question. You don't want to go in as Chatty Kathy, but at the same time you have to let your personality show.

  • Don't mention your marital status, age, religion, or how many children you have. By law the interviewer is not allowed to ask you personal questions but they may try to lead the conversation in that direction so that you volunteer it. And although they aren't supposed to discriminate, they will. They don't want to hire a single mother with four school-age children because they know she is going to miss a lot of work. Same goes with health problems.

Good luck. I hope this helped. Julie Pecanty Perry

I also announced how the audition for ICE went on last Monday’s Nail Talk Radio. For those of you that wanted a better description, ICE stands for Iowa Cosmetology Educators. ICE is an elite group of educators within the state of Iowa that network bi-annually to receive advanced education in order to share advanced techniques with Iowa's beauty professionals.


I’m proud to say that they did vote me into ICE! They have also given me a spot on the 2012 ICE Design Team, which is who the photo is of. I am so excited to be creating the 2012 nail trend and helping to bring even more continuing education to nail professionals in the state of Iowa!

— Holly

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