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Lots of Pedicures and Some Retail Too!

by NAILS Magazine | August 5, 2011

I am the queen bee of the perfect pedicure — in my own mind of course! I haven’t tested lately. I only have six tests left and this is symphony to my ears. It means the state board exam is in sight.

The salon in the summer is said to be slow, but I guess I shouldn’t expect anything until I’ve seen it for myself. The salon has been packed daily it seems. We have been under a heat wave here in Indiana — high temps and humidity. You would think that people would be in the water. Nope they are at the salon wanting pedicures. I have spent my days doing pedicures and hot oil manicures from the time I get to school till the time I clock out.

I’m not complaining, but I’m ready for nail enhancements: gels, acrylics, overlays, etc. This is where I need to practice. I need some clients ready to do more than a mani/pedi. The school makes the students pay $10 for a set and most can’t afford that just to be practiced on. I instantly fell in awe with the cover this month of NAILS Magazine and tried it as a pedicure on my instructor (Miss Bethany). They came out great before the huge smudge.

Looking through NAILS I came across an article of a contest for cover nails. Sure I’m a student but I thought why not try? The worst that can happen is I don’t get picked and that’s OK because I’ll keep trying every year till I win.

It’s kind of a boring report this week, but sometimes it’s just busy work and it’s not glamorous. But the nails are glamorous when the client exits the door and after she has just booked her next appointment.

I love to sell products I know work and are a good deal. One goal I set daily is to sell products and prove they works. So far it’s going great. Most clients have not walked out without purchasing a retail product. OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil and Nail Envy are the top two products I sell. Ask. Believe. Receive. Try this and see what happens: Ask your client questions, refer a product you believe in, and you will receive the retail sale and a satisfied client. Next week 21 high school juniors (new students) come into the salon as new students for cosmetology. I’m thinking possible candidates for practice. August 7th is my birthday. Come back to see me go crazy with my new CND Shellac designs. Most of the pictures here are me practicing on myself trying to teach myself what we do not learn in school. SNAP

French overlay LCN cured with LCN LED light gel system

French white and natural LCN cured with the LCN LED light gel system

French gold/hint of green and pink OPI Absolute Acrylic powers

— Marti

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