Do You Barter Your Services?

by Holly Schippers | August 10, 2011

Do you ever trade services? You know “I will do your nails if you groom my dog.” Or “How about if we do each other’s toes?” If not, why? It can be a mutually beneficial way to obtain other services! Recently I traded a hair treatment for Shellac toes with art and we are both happier for it!

As you can see my hair went from fuzzy to sleek, now when I scrunch up my curls they look like curls instead of fuzz balls.

She clearly did not get away without fabulous toes to show off! These have some engraving done in them that is hard to see in the picture but looks amazing in the sun!

We each do services in a salon and we each shared something we love with the other. It was really fun visiting with each other and just enjoying the company of someone else that loves what they do. If you are not sharing your talents with someone that wants to share their talents back I really need a good reason, because you are missing out on a treat for yourself and your mind!

— Holly

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