Being Proactive: Where Do You Start?

by Holly Schippers | August 23, 2011

Hi! How are things going this week? After the blog about being proactive, there were some comments asking for help on figuring out where to start. How about we make a game plan together?

The first thing Erika touched on was product cost. Are you getting all of your supplies at the most economical price possible? If you mail order do you get a fair shipping rate? If you shop in a store do you stock up when things are on sale? Make sure you know the shelf life of your products so you can get a larger size or more than one when sale prices are on.

Next she mentioned a reality check. Do you have a customer or family member who would give you their thoughts straight up on your business? How about a friend that would send in someone you have never met before to “secret shop”? Anonymous surveys are another way to go at it. Although the pre-paid return postage can get pricey. But if you are not getting a high percentage of re-books it may be worth it.

How is your atmosphere? Have the retail products moved around lately or been dusted? Do you set up simple seasonal displays or offer seasonal services? Could you use a mini-makeover? Do your clients come in excited to see what’s on your nails or let you get away with the excuse that you don’t have time for yourself? Hello! You are asking her to make time for herself; what makes you the exception? Have you wiped down the walls this year? You wouldn’t believe the buildup salon walls get on them ;o)

Hopefully this makes that proactive thing a little less intimidating and gives you some ideas for getting started!

— Holly

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Reopening? Know Your Numbers


Reopening? Know Your Numbers

by Michele Baker

For those of you that like a little data with your info, here is some really interesting information from salon owner Michele Baker in Georgia. Being one of the first states to open left the salon owners to scramble to learn a lot of things on their own and many have been generous in sharing things they have figured out to help make operating in the COVID-19 world more systematic and understandable.

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