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Doug Schoon's Brain Now Available on DVD

by NAILS Magazine | August 23, 2011

Well, not literally Doug Schoon’s brain, but as many of you know Doug has been hosting regular teaching and educational webinars through his website.

The instructional slide shows featured up-close and personal pictures of nail chemistry and biology, and helped explain how some of the nail industry’s products work, why they break down, and how techs can educate themselves to become more highly skilled professionals. Some of the pictures also had 3-D capability when viewed through red/cyan 3-D glasses.

The webinars aired and were available for limited times throughout the year on Doug’s site, but now he is offering them on DVD for any who may have missed them, or for any curious techs who never got a chance to see them. He’s also including two pairs of 3-D glasses with each order.

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