Do You Have A Nail Friend?

by Holly Schippers | September 1, 2011

Do you have a “nail friend”? You know the one person who gets the “industry stuff”? I am fortunate enough to have lots of nail friends, but one whom also happens to be one of my best friends. I like to say she is the other half of my nail soul. She just gets things that my other friends don’t when it comes to nails. We met in a Creative Master Class about 10 years ago and kept running into each other at classes and shows when we decided to road trip together to one. Sharing education and a hotel room we learned that we had a connection that went beyond just work acquaintances and have been besties ever since.

The nice thing about our nail friends is that they also do nails. So when we want a break from doing our own, or are unable to do our own for some crazy reason, there is someone on the planet whom we trust to stand in our stead and deck out our digits. As my BFF Mel did my nails this past weekend I got a great reminder about how important it is to be a client now and then. As a pedicure addict I long ago got used to relaxing and enjoying someone else doing my toes. But when it comes to my nails I am like any other annoying client. It is really hard to sit still on that side of the table for some reason. She surely needs my help moving my fingers, how am I supposed to see if I like it with them angled toward her, and surely she wants to know that little spot there needs fixed. It was a great chance to get back in touch with being more empathetic to my clients and has made me all kinds of extra patient this week.

I thought you might need to see the nails Mel did. I told her the colors I was in the mood for and that I wanted something with crisp random lines. I ended up with just what I wanted — the advantage of the other half of your nail soul doing your nails is she can read your mind so I have the coolest turtle shell-looking nails that match my work apron! Get in touch with a nail friend in the coming months and see if sitting on the other side of the table doesn’t help you get back in touch with your clients as well. Hmmmm….I seem to recall something about being pro-active, this would be a great start.

— Holly

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