Belated Thank You to Our Troops

by Holly Schippers | September 20, 2011

Do you think people will ever hear the numbers 9/11 again without cringing a bit? I have a hard time thinking of that day. Whether it seemed to impact you personally back then, it impacts many more of us now. From something as simple as the annoying process of traversing airline security, to people we love giving years of their lives to protect us.

I do remember 9/11 and think I always will, but I’m also grateful to those who serve as an honor to those memories so that I do not have to and yet can enjoy my freedoms. As my moment of remembrance, I would like to say thank you to our troops fighting for the good guys no matter where they are from. And a special thank you to my brother (with me above), who just finished five years in the Army, my best friend’s kids who are all three in the Navy (in picture below, and I could not be more proud if they were my own), as well as countless friends and children of friends who give up their time and lives to live and work in places most of us thankfully cannot imagine. It may not make you any better at nails to be patriotic, but I like to think being a better person makes you better at anything. It’s the land of the free — because of the brave.

— Holly

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