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The First Few Weeks of School

by NAILS Magazine | October 17, 2011

These first couple weeks of school have been such an adventure! In terms of theory, we’ve talked about having a professional image, manicuring, infection control (eeeww!), and some of the history of the profession. In the practical portion of class, we’ve practiced manicure table set-up, basic manicuring, and we’ve seen a pedicure demonstrated (I got to be the model!).

Now, based on the items shown in the picture, are there any guesses as to what else we’ve been working at school on over the past week? If you guessed “tips” and “sculptured nails”, then you are correct! This, so far, has been my favorite part. I’ve always loved getting acrylic enhancements, and was utterly taken with the whole process. Now that I’m actually getting to learn and perfect this process, it gives me a whole new appreciation for the art — and it IS an art. It looks easy, but in all honesty, it’s definitely not quite as easy as it looks, with the hard part really being getting the right mix ratio.

Stay tuned, for in the coming week, we will start learning about no-light and UV cured gels, as well as, fiberglass/silk wraps, and hot oil manicures. I hope the hot oil manicure requires a live model, as I would happily volunteer for the job! My hands are in dire need of a little extra pampering. :)

— LaTia

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