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ISSE 2012: Splattering Nail Art

by NAILS Magazine | February 1, 2012

Young Nails mentor Tom Huynh demonstrates two droplet-splattering effects. The nail on the left is created using five layers: a layer of Young Nails’ Mani•Q base coat and color, a layer of cosmetic-grade glitter (using a glitter-press technique with a cosmetic eye shadow brush), Mani•Q top coat, another layer of Mani•Q color, and another layer of top coat. Before curing the last layer of Mani•Q color, Tom dips a clean dotting tool onto the nail to create droplets within the color layer. This allows the glitter to shine through. 


The pink nail on the right uses a reverse droplet technique to create a splatter effect. After adding a layer of Mani•Q black and a thin, unfinished layer of Mani•Q pink, Tom uses a dotting tool to dip top coat onto the uncured pink. He finishes it with a layer of top coat.

Both designs were applied over two-week-old existing acrylic extensions. Tom says to file off the top layer of the old acrylic, apply bonder over the old acrylic, then begin the steps with a Mani•Q base coat.

— Kim

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