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Week 7: Misadventures in Gel

by NAILS Magazine | June 25, 2012

This week we learned about gel nails, overlays and extension. The only bad part is that it is new to all of us — including the teacher. LOL. So we learned it together. For the last six months gel nails have had a death grip on my imagination. I have watched and rewatched videos from Young Nails and Naiuk until I can probably speak their lines for them. Sadly, the reality is nowhere as fun as I had imagined they would be. Even with gentle circular motions I found it a huge pain to cover the nail and keep it even. I totally ruined all semblance of a smile line. The only good note was it did zero traveling to somewhere I did not want it to go! 

Then, having some free time, I decided to do some gel stiletto nails on one of my classmates. I worked my butt off crafting them with built-in glitters and pigments in a color I absolutely hate but she loves (pink). I didn't have time to finish them so sent her home planning to do the final layer of gel the following day. Imagine my heartbreak when the following day comes and all 10 had popped off during the first two hours at home. It turns out that there are two types of gels. The soak-off is for the overlays and the file-off is for nail extensions. At least we all learned something new from my mistakes but it broke my heart that they were gone before I could get a finished product photo. Has anyone else done this? Or am I just great at finding the stumbling blocks along the learning curve?

Well, to make up for the botched attempt at gel nails I moved along and attempted a fancy acrylic design for her the following day. I did blue acrylic along the smile lines and a pattern over a clear tip. I put down thin clear acrylic wherever this is no blue, then I embedded orange and yellow glitter, and finished with a very pink cover pink. She loves them and I kinda like them too.

Here is a photo of three of my lovely classmates studying. I have no clue what they’re studying but I have a funny suspicion it may be horoscope related. LOL.

Monday we are having a guest come in to show off her gel line or gel system. I’m not sure if it is gel-polish or for actually making gel nails. Her company name sounds a lot like Jealousy but that isn't quite right.

— Mary

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