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SuperStyled Makeover Show Launches on YouTube

by NAILS Magazine | August 22, 2012

Many of us get inspired by YouTube videos these days, and new online series SuperStyled plays that up with short (the first one is under 4 minutes) episodes that showcase total makeovers — nails, makeup, and hair — in high-quality video.

Billed as “taking whoever you are, wherever you are, and turning you into a superstar,” YouTube show SuperStyled takes us along as celeb glam squad Hair Room Service performs ultimate beauty transformations on everyday women. In the series premiere, watch Michael Dueñas (founder and hairstylist), James Vincent (makeup), and Honey (nails), recreate Beyoncé’s iconic November 2011 Harper’s Bazaar cover look on vlogger SunKissAlba.

Watch the nail tutorial (a gold design with subtle bling) on NAILStv or watch the entire episode on YouTube.


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