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FingerNailFixer Partners with LaVaque Professional

by NAILS Magazine | November 12, 2012

We know many of you share our love of the FingerNailFixer (the alias of Holly Schippers, an amazing and helpful nail tech from Bussey, Iowa), something that we see every day via the pageviews that Holly’s NAILS Magazine blog receives. So we thought you’d like to know about something that Holly herself has declared her love for: LaVaque Professional’s Thumb Palette, Full Spatula with Spoon, and Mini Spatula with Spoon. So much so that she’s partnered with LaVaque to include these three tools in the FingerNailFixer Combo.

I was first introduced to LaVaque several years ago at a beauty tradeshow, primarily seeing it as a line of tweezers, then later some make-up tools were added. I love how LaVaque has run with the fact that nail artists love the company’s tools too. The Thumb Palette does seem pretty handy for keeping your nail art paints close at hand, and I can see how the scooper is the perfect shape for picking up powders without making a mess.

Watch videos of Holly showing nail artists how to use these tools on NAILStv.

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