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Minx “Underwear” Sneak Peek

by NAILS Magazine | January 22, 2013

UPDATED APRIL 2013: Here's the full step-by-step tutorial on Minx Underwear we promised you!

When I first heard that Minx Nails was launching a new product called “Minx Underwear,” my first thought was, “I know the company does have some devout fans...maybe those fans would be interested in lingerie.”

OK, so...not exactly. I quickly found out that, while Minx Underwear does have some flirty, feminine designs, it’s not actually underwear. (Perhaps that should be classified as a “duh!”-moment, but ever since I heard of the Minx tattoos that some educators got, nothing surprises me about die-hard fans anymore.)

But it is something with a huge appeal for nail techs and consumers...and it'll make it easy for you to use Minx in your original nail art designs.

The Minx Underwear collection, launching in March, does feature some sexy looks, including the above “Garter” (the lacy one) and “All Tied Up” (the corset), sported by our art director. Minx co-founder Dawn Lynch-Goodwin and educator and distributor Mirka Poikkeus came to the office on Friday to give NAILS Magazine fans a sneak peak.

I (center, with Mirka on the left and Dawn on the right) chose to sport Smack It (the lips) and Boudoir (the swirly design on the pinkies).

We’ll have a full demo for you in our April issue.

Also new from Minx (to be released at the end of the month) are solid colors in a variety of hues. This will make Minx a viable alternative for conservative clients who usually opt for a solid color of polish but boasts longer wear than typical polish. These solid colors are for professionals only and are applied the same way as original Minx. The solid colors also come with a variety of Barely There coatings for easy accent nails.

Dawn was especially proud of these two new solid metallics: Copper (front) and Rose Gold. Why? It took two years to get these colors to come out right (and copper was a huge request from clients).

Also coming soon are a solid white Minx that’s great for layering and a fun line from New Zealand tech Leah Light.

Once released, these products will be available from and from many local distributors.

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