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Week Six: Adventures With E-Files

by Tisha Allen | October 6, 2014

This week was dedicated to increasing my speed. I get frustrated with how long it takes me to complete a full set of acrylic or hard gel nails, especially if I have to first remove 3-D nail art, embellishments, and/or glitter before I can even prep the nails. At the moment, I am quite comfortable with using a hand file because I feel like I have more control compared to using an electric nail file, but I realize if I want to complete a client’s service in a reasonable length of time, I am going to have to learn how to use an e-file. My first experience was with a very inexpensive nail drill that I purchased online a few months before school. Needless to say, that drill has since stopped working. My school does not have an e-file for us to use, but luckily my classmate let me try out hers. I do not have much experience using the e-file yet. While using my classmate’s drill, I did note that the hand piece was quite uncomfortable for me to hold for long periods at a time. And after a few nails were filed, I noticed that the sanding bit seemed dull and quite a lot of dust was left behind on and around my work area and my clothes. I could only imagine how much dust I inhaled. I could even feel bits of nail dust and grit on my eye lashes.

I have now invested in an apron to wear during services to protect my clothes from dust. Although I am in desperate need of my own drill, I know that it will be a major investment, and I was told by my Instructor that before purchasing a drill it is recommended that I try it out in person to be certain the hand piece is comfortable and not too heavy to hold. She also said to look for a drill that has an RPM (revolutions per minute) of 35,000 or higher, but has a low vibration. I am planning on researching and visiting nail supply stores in my area to sample a few drills.

Also, last week I focused on preparing myself for getting a job and clients once I obtain my license. One of the main things I worked on was a resume rough draft. I am still having trouble with deciding what prior jobs I should include that would make me an ideal nail technician, especially since I am beginning an entirely new career. I also updated my business cards to now include pictures of my work so potential clients could see what I offer, and I even began working on a Facebook page that I will publish once it has more pictures and information about what I specialize in.


also wanted to begin engaging with my followers on my social media sites a little more so that I can try to get to know and understand those who are following me. I also wanted to support breast cancer — a cause that is very near and dear to my heart — so I posted a question on my Instagram and selected one follower to receive a free full set of nails including nail art.

Until next week,

— Tisha

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