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Week 11-13: Seven More Weeks!

by Brittany Machelle | May 11, 2015

Week 11: I have completed 400 hours — I’m more than halfway done! I’m still trying to make designs with my striper. Take a look at my Minnie Mouse, butterfly wing, and other nail art that made the cut this week.

I also usually try to set a goal for every week and this one was learning how to lay my acrylic better. I finally ran across a video on YouTube titled, “Cuticle Application” by Young Nails. I have watched it three times. I feel that it was the missing piece to my acrylic application. It explains how to put the acrylic brush behind the ball of acrylic near the cuticle area, instead of placing a ball near the cuticle area and pushing it back like I assumed.

Week 12: My vision for my career has never looked any clearer. I find it so amazing to have such encouraging and interesting clients. I met three people this week who have had amazing and unique businesses, from food trucks to laser tags parties. Their words of wisdom were great.

Week 13: This week, I learned what happens to gel nails when you apply the polish too thick. I applied my first layer of colored gel polish, cured it for two minutes under a UV lamp, and viola…half of them were wrinkled and bubbling. I calmly explained what may have gone wrong to the client and restarted my gel application. Luckily, my client understood.

I also worked on using the odorless acrylic to sculpt a nail for state board exam practice. I finally feel confident after about five tries. I am so ready to ace my state boards and become a professional!

Until next time,

Brittany Machelle

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