Joining NAILS’ Walking Challenge

by Holly Schippers | January 14, 2016
NAILS editor Erika Kotite checks in on Instagram (@nailsmagazine) to share her progress.

NAILS editor Erika Kotite checks in on Instagram (@nailsmagazine) to share her progress. 

Do you check out the NAILS Editors blog? It is always interesting and fun! With the holidays and New Year, I’ve gotten a little behind on checking it out. This means we may start in on the current challenge a little late, but better late than never!

As nail professionals we get to sit all day. It’s great for cute shoes, but bad for our bodies. The challenge is to work your way toward 10,000 steps a day in January. That seems like a lot, for some it will be easy, for others like me that may be a little lazy, it will be a big challenge. I will be hunting for my Vivofit so I can start wearing it again when I get home.  To keep track of your progress, you may have a pedometer, another step tracker, or even a cell phone app to help count your steps.

Let’s join this challenge and see how we can do. If I can get out and walk in the below freezing temperatures on ice and snow, I trust you will be able to figure out a way to get some walking in where you are. Let’s check in with each other next week and see how things are going!

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