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Week 6: Fun with French Manicures

by A'Kia Warrior | March 1, 2016

It’s a wrap on Week 6! I had a lot of fun this week!

The week started of with us finding out what the contents of the graduation kit are. While I’m not in school just for the sake of the kit, it’s included in my tuition and it will give me a great start when I complete the program. The class was excited and pleased. I would have to say so am I. I’m thankful to my program director who thought of how it would help me be able to start my career and convinced leadership that we were worth it!

I wonder if it’s just me, but my brain acts like it’s going into overload. Maybe it’s just excitement about everything that I’m learning. It’s amazing what I have learned in just six weeks! I sit down and talk to friends, family, and co-workers about it and they are amazed. With every passing week I feel more confident and comfortable with things. During week six I worked on my French manicure with the clean up brush. My smile line needs some work, but I’m on my way. I don’t think I did too badly. I also learned the spa pedicure, and we started working with acrylic. I have only had one class of acrylic practice, but I think I’m going to be okay. Let’s see how my pictures look in about six more weeks — should be interesting!

Before my journey started, I have always known that I wanted all of this to lead to me being a successful business owner with my nail salon. A few weeks ago, I submitted an application to register my business name with the state of Georgia. Six weeks into my nail care program I received the email stating that my request had been approved. My business name is officially registered. I’m taking baby steps to have everything in place, so that I’m not scrambling at the last minute. I’m so appreciative of the support and the connections that I have been making thus far. More exciting things on the horizon, and I cannot wait to share as it comes.

Going into week seven I feel as though I’m really getting grounded in this. I hope that I can one day encourage someone to step out and enter this industry. There are so many different ways to do this, and as I’m learning I’m so excited to see someone come in behind me to do it too. I only hope that I make everyone proud. I don’t take an opportunity like this for granted, and I cannot wait to see how I evolve while I’m on my journey to be one of the best to ever do this. Perfection is not an easy thing to accomplish, but I want to get as close as possible.

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