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Nautical-Inspired Nail Art With Cuccio Colour Cruise Collection

by Sigourney Nuñez | February 17, 2016

Set sail to an island of color inspiration with the Cuccio Colour Cruise Collection. The collection features eight new nautical-inspired shades created to help you navigate through the currents. New colors include I Want Moor, Message in a Bottle, On Sail, All Decked Out, All Tide Up, Pier Pressure, Shore Thing, and Got the Navy Blues.

1. Prep the nails. After cleaning the nail plate, apply Cuccio Nail Solutions Base Coat. Allow to dry. Starting just below the cuticle area, use Pier Pressure to paint a thin layer of the while polish. Use a cleanup brush up to remove any excess color to prep the nail for the next layer of nail polish.

2. Paint a thin layer of color using All Decked Out.

3. Paint the next thin layer of color using All Tide Up.

4. Paint the final layer of color using Got the Navy Blues. Make sure to cap the free edge.

5. Using 2 A.M. in Hollywood and a nail art striping brush, drop a blob of the black nail polish on a paper palette. Use the black nail polish and brush to define the color blocking applied in Steps 1, 2, 3, and 4. Allow to dry.

6. Create a palm tree with the black nail polish and striping brush using a feathering technique. Allow to dry. Seal the look with Cuccio Nail Solution 7 Second Top Coat.

7. Embellish the rest of the set using Cina Nail Art Charms.

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