Make a splash this summer with nail art that will hook your clients in and keep them coming back for more. Jana Warnke, an NSI educator residing in Clarksville, Tenn., shows you how to sculpt an underwater scene. 

1. Prep the natural nail plate. Apply a stiletto-shape tip or create one using a nail form. Sculpt the nail bed using the reverse application method. For the free edge, first apply blue acrylic then a small section of clear acrylic toward the center, and finish the extension with blue acrylic.

2. Apply a thin layer of Secrets Sparkle to give the tip a dusting of iridescent glitter.

3. Create the coral fronds. Design it like you are creating a tree without leaves.

4. Make the silhouette of the fish in white acrylic. Use yellow and black acrylic to add color and dimension to the fish.

5. Encapsulate in clear acrylic, refine, and seal the entire nail with Glaze ‘n Go.

6. Decorate the surface with more 3-D coral and fish. Dip the brush in two different shades to create varied color tones.

7. Add elements to the design like seashells by making teardrops in a fan shape. Add accents of seaweed by running your brush along the side of the bead of acrylic to stretch it out.

8. Finish your design by adding Secrets Bling embellishments.

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