Grunge and glamour collide as CND’s Contradiction collection presents an unexpected combination of punk and couture. Follow this step-by-step for a bold look with sophisticated texture.

1. Prep the natural nail and apply a CND tip. Apply a thin base layer of Retention+ Sculpting Powder Clear, and finish with the 180 side of the Hot Shot File.

2. Apply two thin layers of CND Shellac in Rouge Rite. Cure each layer for one minute in the CND LED Lamp.

3. Create a fishnet pattern with a striping brush and CND Shellac in Black Pool on the right half of the nail. Cure for one minute. Apply CND Additives Midnight Revelry to the tip of the nail using a dry Gel Flat Oval Brush. Apply a thin layer of CND Shellac Xpress5 Top Coat. Do not cure.

4. Place a piece of silver chain into the wet Xpress5 Top Coat vertically down the center of the nail and pull to the right of the nail to create desired pattern. Cure for one minute. Wipe with 99% isopropyl alcohol to remove top film.  Use tweezers to adhere a rose to the top right corner using SealeBond Adhesive (See “To Create Rose” below).

To Create Rose:
1. Mix CND Perfect Color Powder Clear and CND Additives in a mixing jar to create the design’s colors. Cap jar and shake thoroughly to blend. To maintain the integrity of the enhancement never mix more than 30% Additives to any powder blend.
2. Dark Rose Blend
> 4 parts CND Perfect Color Powder Clear
> 1 part CND Additives Black
> ½ part CND Additives Midnight Revelry
Using the Dark Rose Blend sculpt the desired size and shape of the rose onto the palette paper. For more information, visit

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